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  • 2015 : The Most Memorable Makeup Moments

    Beauty Highlights from 2015
    With the dawn of 2016, I can’t help but look back on the last year and reflect on some of the highs, and lows of the beauty industry. There were plenty of memorable makeup moments last year, so I thought I’d break it down into 10 categories. I also have my Top 10 Makeup, Skincare and Hair of 2015 posts coming soon, so stand by… 

    Beauty Highlights from 2015: Mac haute Dogs, Colourpop, Kylie Jenner, Champagne Pop, Jaclyn Hill, Benefit Roller Lash, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Grey Lips

    Most Unique Limited Edition Collections
    This still goes to MAC for me. Regardless of the quality (which I find hit or miss with MAC sometimes) MAC manages to find interesting and trend setting inspiration for their collections. From Haute Dogs that literally took inspo from (Wo)mans best friend, to Disney themed Cinderella, to laundromat styled Wash and Dry, MAC definitely loves to push the envelop with their collections!
    Best Brand Improvement
    This is a tie for me between Too Faced and Clinique. I feel like Too Faced stopped hiding behind kitschy and cutesy packaging and started producing higher quality products this year. The still adorable Love Flush Blushes are beautifully pigmented, and the Born This Way Foundation was a total knockout hit for the brand.
    When it comes to Clinique, I feel they finally started making interesting makeup. Expanding the Cheek Pop Blush line was a smart move and the addition of the Clinique Pop Lipsticks pleased all age ranges with their primer infused hydrating lipcolour; The packaging for both ranges finally took the brand up a notch and out of ‘Granny’s handbag’ status.

    Most Unique Formulation
    This has to go to Colourpop with their bouncing, spongy, not-a-cream-yet-not-a-powder shadows and cheek products. This easily felt like the year of Colourpop with the brand taking off with a bang – makeup lovers couldn’t get enough of the hybrid formula shadows especially, which only ring up at $5 and pack serious pigment and staying power.
    Most Consistent Quality
    When I went over everything I tried in the last year, I have to say the brand that always manages to stay on top with pigmentation, texture and wearability is Urban Decay. The Matte Revolution Lipsticks wear beautifully and apply so smoothly, the 24/7 Lip Pencils stay on hours and glide on without tugging or dryness. The shadows continue to pack a punch in texture and pigmentation. 
    The ‘Had to Have It’ Launch of the Year
    I mean, this has to go to the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop collaboration! Everyone and their dog wanted this, and the limited edition status had makeup hoarders ordering this in multiples. Youtube videos about the product popped up everywhere, including a few sob stories regarding its smashed upon arrival status (RIP). 
    The Trend That Took The Beauty World By Storm
    If there was one thing that was scrutinized, replicated, and caused a shortage all over for MAC Soar Lip Pencil, it was the Kylie Jenner Lip. Overdrawn lips haven’t boomed like this since the 90’s, and the lil sis of last years Kim K contouring craze had girls trying everything from suction devices to 10 step routines to get the “Kylie Jenner Lip”.
    The Launch That Surprised Me
    This has to go to Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara which I truly thought I’d loathe. After being painfully (seriously, the wand is dangerous) let down by They’re Real Mascara, I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I got on with Roller Lash. My before and after on instagram gathered hundreds of likes and it gave me faith in purchasing high end mascaras again after a slew of let downs!

    The Launch That Let Me Down
    One of the most anticipated and ultimately disappointing launches for me and many this year was the Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks. The formula was beyond drying, often flaking and felt like I’d buffed my lips with sandpaper (not to mention I almost needed a belt grinder to get the stuff off). In a word: Ouch.
    The Trend I Loved the Most
    For me, Winged Liner became a calling card. I’ve always loved the look of it, but 2015 was the year I really nailed down my technique and formula needs. It became part of me, and I felt one with myself when donning the signature flick. Ok, that’s maybe a bit dramatic, but it’s got to be one of the hardest makeup applications to get down with a strong learning curve, and while I still don’t think I’ve 100% perfected it – it’s darn good.

    The Trend I Just Couldn’t Get Behind
    Greige Lips. Yep, that living dead-esque, grey/grey-brown/grey-beige lip trend that went around. Don’t get me wrong, it looked super cool on some but as a wearable lip trend? Blech. That is of course the beauty of makeup: we can express ourselves as we see fit, and I love that. Just don’t expect these 32 year old lips to be going grey anytime soon. 
    There you have 10 of my most memorable makeup moments of 2015! I’d love to hear what yours are in the comments below, or please feel free to use this as a tag and post to your own blog and let me know you have in the comments!
    I’d love to tag Holly, Emma, Brittany and Stephanie and Joyce to do this tag (only if you wanna, girls!)



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