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    Five More Hyped Up Higher Priced Products Put to the Test

    Putting High End Luxury Beauty Products to the test: Tatcha, YSL, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Illamasqua, Benefit,
    One of my favourite things to do is to try out products that everyone else seems to love; Products that have gained their own following, or have enough hype not to need promotion. I find sometimes we convince ourselves that something is worth its price tag because we are inner-cringing at how much we sent on it in the first place. Other times I find myself saying, “but it gets such amazing reviews from everyone!?” – so here I am to break down five more higher priced beauty products for you all and let you know if they really are worth the hype!

    This one probably won’t be a shocker as I’ve blogged a review here and mentioned it several times here. With a price tag in the over $50 range, this is definitely a splurge purchase that has gotten lots of love in the beauty world lately… and for good reason. Unlike many skin mists, this is really flattering on dry and dehydrated skin, or anyone who really wants to glow. Its instant luminosity that takes down powdery makeup, and makes you look totally radiant. I’ve not had any other spray, regardless of setting spray or hydrating spray (this does both!) work as well as this.

    I did a Mascara Monday post on this mascara, which has a strong following in the industry. While I think it’s a nice volumizing mascara, and very black, the insane amount of fragrance in this product makes it a non-necessity for me. Its a good mascara, but is it worth the almost $40 price tag for me? Nope. 
    This was one of those ‘need to warm up to it’ purchases for me. When it was first launched it just seemed ridiculous to me – think crayoned on brows. Once I got used to the slight learning curve, it became an absolute must have for me! Nothing beefs up my piddly sparse brows like DipBrow, nor does it stay on all day like this waterproof product. It’s become a must have, and totally worth its hype!
    On the forever hunt for the blackest, mattest, waterproof gel or creme liner I was told many times that Illamasqua had the best on the market. Naturally I needed it. While it does stay put, doesn’t smudge or flake, and is matte… it’s not black enough for me. Its black, don’t get me wrong, but not as sooty, coal black as other favourites of mine. It’s a great liner, but not the ‘perfect’ black gel liner for me.
    Described as a ‘brow volumising fibre gel’, I had a feeling I would either love or hate this when I first tried it. I was resistant when it was first released because I just didn’t feel like you got much for your money in the package, but the minute I tried it I knew a little went a long way. This is the only brow gel I’ve tried that actually seems to volumize the look of my brows. The shade Medium/Deep is actually neutral enough for my ashy brow tone, and it actually holds the hairs where I need them all day minus that nasty brow crusties that some gels can give. This little bad boy is totally worth the hype it’s rightfully gained since it was released a couple years back.
     What have you tried recently because it was hyped up online or in magazines? Did it live up to the hype and price tag?


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