Shopping a Sale Savvy | My Picks for the Sephora VIB Rouge 2015 Sale

Sephora 2015 VIB Rouge 20% Off Sale Picks
If you’ve spent a questionable amount of money at Sephora in the last year than you might have VIB, or even VIB Rouge status. If that’s the case then you my lucky friend will get a chance to shop with a 20% discount for the next few days! Now all that choice can be overwhelming, so I’ve compiled some tips for shopping the sale, as well as my picks for some amazing items to pick up with the awesome discount…

Shopping a Sale, Savvy

It’s almost like a rush of adrenaline, when you find out you can get an exclusive sale price on something. It can also be super overwhelming, in a store full of beautiful things and you might not know where to stop (I’ve been that person hauling around my Sephora shopping basket full to the brim…). Here’s some tips on how I keep things under control, and always come out of a great sale with even greater goodies:

– I like to write a list out of anything I actually need and would have bought at full price anyways (ie, cleanser, moisturizer, eye makeup remover, etc… you know, the ‘boring’ stuff). Then I tally it all up, a minus the 20% to find out how much I saved, and therefore can spend (or spend extra!) on goodies I want!

– When it comes to things I want vs need, I always take into consideration if the item is limited edition. If so, it gets bumped to the front of the line. 

– Finally, this is the time when I might be more willing to spend on a real splurge item. A heft price tag seems much less cringeworthy when there is a discount on the top of it. This is the time to try something that you’ve been wanting for a while, but just couldn’t justify the price. Chances are, it will never be more affordable that during a sale like this.

My VIB Rouge Sale Picks

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser – This brand isn’t cheap by any means, so picking it up on sale is the perfect time to give it a try. This cleanser smells like grapefruit and satsumas and has such a lovely gritty scrub to it. I use it a couple times a week, and my skin is always insanely smooth afterwards, minus any irritation or redness that exfoliators can have.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette – This is no surprise; I think this is one of my favourite palettes of all time. If you are lacking a great cover-all-your-bases eyeshadow palette with mattes, shimmers, neutrals and plums, then this is the one to get my friend!

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – Heading back into the category of luxury or higher priced items, this is the perfect time to try this little gem! I’ve never had any other ‘spray’ type product give my skin as much life and radiance as this does. Tatcha refers to it as a ‘spray serum’ which I would agree with as it just seems to make your skin look fresh and hydrated and completely recharged. I especially love it for spraying over top of my makeup to really make my base look like skin… really smooth, radiant, perfected skin…

YSL Glossy Stains – These are long time favourites of mine, but at their price tag I have to gulp a bit when buying one so sale time is always a great time to pick up my favourite colour, #27 Peche Cerra-Cola. These go on glossy and opaque, and then leave a nice stain behind that holds the colour around for hours. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes – Another relatively pricey item, but something I would pay full price any day for! These blushes actually last all day on me; This is an incredible feat folks! The shade selection is wonderful, and they never go on powdery or chalky, nor do they wear off patchy or blotchy. A solid investment if you ask me (I own almost all of them!)

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler – Oh you just knew I was going to put this in here didn’t you? I’ve bullied all my friends into buying them (they thanked me afterwards!) and have given them as gifts. Clearly, I feel quite passionately about eyelashes, and this is *the* lash curler to have… even my drugstore loving friend agreed it was worth the price!

Marc Jacobs Style Icon Palettes – Here’s where your big splurge might come in, but if you’re going to do it then now is the time! I think these are some of the nicest shadows out there, and the super slim/chic palette just makes it all the more desirable. I’ve not regretted buying mine once since I got it in the last VIB Rouge Sale đŸ˜‰

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – I’m not great when it comes to remembering to put on a face mask, unless it is this one. Simple idea behind this is that you pop it on before bed like you would a regular night cream and then hope on the train to dreamsville. Unlike other masks that you have to time, remove with water or peel off, this one just goes to work while you sleep and every single time I wake up with glowing, smooth, hydrated skin. Plus it smells like mangos…

Are you taking part in the Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge Sale this year? What would you buy with your 20% off discount?


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