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  • Shopping for the Perfect Palette | Five Favourites for Fall and Winter

    Shopping for and eyeshadow palette. Five palettes for fall and winter. Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Too Faced
    When it comes to shopping for an eyeshadow palette, I always think it’s important to think of three things: Texture, Tone and Uniqueness. If you don’t have a drawer full of palettes organized by brand, colour and size like I do (I have a sickness) nor do you plan to, picking out that one special palette that can do it all be a bit tricky. Today’s posts has five can’t-go-wrong palettes for Fall and Winter, as well as my tips for how to pick out a palette that will fit all your needs!

    Shopping for and eyeshadow palette. Five palettes for fall and winter. Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Too Faced




    The three things I look for in an eyeshadow palette are:


    Texture – What kind of finish(es) do the shadows have versus what you like to wear? Many of my favourites carry a mix of matte, satin, shimmer and metallic shadows. I like to be able to reach for one palette when I am travelling for example that can cover a variety of looks. If you’re a matte lover, but get sucked into palettes with tons of shimmer and sparkle because of how pretty they look in the pan, then being aware of this before you purchase can make a big difference in what you go home with.


    Tone – What kind of colours do you like to wear? Bright shadows may look gorgeous in the pan, but will you actually wear them? Undertone plays a huge part in this – do you prefer warm tones, cool tones, a mix of both? Do you like having the option for a pop of colour? Is the palette well curated in the sense that the shades pair well with each other with a mixture of light and dark?


    Uniqueness – For me this plays a bigger role more and more; How well does this palette standout from something else I already own? Are there any duplicates of shades I already have as singles or in other palettes? How does one neutral palette differ from one I might already own? If you already own an eyeshadow palette (or ten, no judgement here) take note of the shades you love and that get the most use already so that you don’t end up coming home with another palette full of similars, unless of course that was your aim in the first place!


    Five Palettes I love for Fall & Winter


    Laura Mercier Artist PaletteThis is great for warm neutral/plum lovers. With a fantastic mix of beautifully smooth mattes and shimmers in all tones, this palette covers everything to pale brow bone shades to rich blackened brown and deep eggplant with one of Laura’s best sellers, African Violet, as a stunning gold laced plum. This is what I would consider a full transitional palette from light to dark, and probably one of my all time favourites. **mine is in the original packaging, it is no slightly different on the outside, but the same gorgeous shadows on the inside!


    Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 PaletteHere’s one for cool neutral lovers. While I don’t wear a ton of cool tones, something about the shade range of this (which is all matte save for the shimmering highlight shade) that makes the green in my eyes really pop. These shadows are super pigmented and the size of the palette makes it a total win for travel or makeup bag carrying. 


    Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette This is for you warm toned neutral lovers who want a great mix of matte and shimmer. This is what I consider a perfect day to day brown based neutral palette because it isn’t filled with super glittery or ultra dark shades, but rather everything you would need for a look that is appropriate for the office, school or the grocery run; There’s something for everyone here.


    Charlotte Tilbury Glamour Muse Palette* – Charlotte prides herself on creating palettes that have the ‘desk to dusk to disco’ mantra. While there is only four shades, they pair with each other perfectly and the purple sparkling shade for that fun pop of colour is the perfect way to perk up for a drink or two on a rainy Autumn Friday night. This is one of those palettes that doesn’t look like much in the pan, but everytime I wear it someone compliments my eyes. Thank you Charlotte…


    Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette* – If you’re a smokey eye look lover, then this is your palette. Filled with a mix of matte and shimmer, neutral and navy, silver and gold, this palette is the do it all from day to night. With navy making a big comeback in makeup recently, this palette is perfectly put together with some soft greys and bronzes to balance it all out. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this in the during the holiday season and paired with the vampy lip shades that are on trend for the season.


    What makes the perfect eyeshadow palette for you? Does price factor? Brand loyalty? 

    How many shades do you have to love in a palette before it goes in the basket to buy?

    Let me know in the comments below!






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