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  • Velvet 59 Contour Is a Girl’s Best Friend Palette

    Velvet 59 Contouring is a Girl's Best Friend Cream Contour Palette
    I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying some products out from new kid of the beauty block, Velvet 59. One of the products that really caught my eye was the Contour is a Girl’s Best Friend Palette – a palette of 6 cream shades (3 contour, 3 highlight) to sculpt the face. With a claim of cream to powder, as well as paraben free, cruelty free, gluten free and vegan – naturally my interest was piqued. 

    Velvet 59 Contouring is a Girl's Best Friend Cream Contour Palette

    I’ve mentioned before here that all the contouring hype has got me a little crazy because I generally think people over do it. Having said that, the texture of these cream contouring and highlight shades is surprisingly smooth and silky, unlike some of the thick dry cream contouring sets on the market, making them easy as pie to blend. I was surprised how much glide the product had, and barely needed to tap my brush into it, and then it buffed out beautifully before it set. No brown racing stripes here!

    I was concerned when I first glanced at the palette at how warm toned it ran, but immediately noticed it didn’t translate as warm on my face as it did in swatch. This still isn’t as cool and ashy as some die hard contour lovers would like, but I actually think it is super wearable for everyday. The brown shades double as a really nice smooth bronzer (a little goes a long way, this blends easily!) and I love that there is a deep chocolate shade for deeper skin tones.


    The highlighting shades consist of one shimmer and two mattes. The matte creams are a bone colour and a peach, and the shimmer is a pale champagne. On its own the shimmering highlight might be too pale for tan-darker skin, but the beauty of this product is that everything blends really well with each other, meaning you could easily mix the peach with the champagne for a gorgeous glow. 

    Overall, I was really impressed and pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this palette. I found it really easy to use, and felt it settled well on my dry skin (which some creams end up looking chalky and cakey on). I also love what Velvet 59 is doing with their palettes – allowing you to remove the pans if you like (which has me hoping the brand comes out with more shades that can be interchanged… perhaps some blushes?)

    Have you tried cream contouring? Would you find use in a palette like this?


    *PR Sample


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