The Eyeliner That Actually Stays in the Waterline | Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil

Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil Review and Swatch

It’s a smokey eye necessity, and old timey makeup artist’s trick to make the lash line thicker, and generally adds that ‘rock chic’ effect I sometimes crave. I’m talking about eyeliner in the waterline (also known as tightline along the upper lash line, and inner rim by some) But getting any sort of product to last in a forever moist (seriously, does anyone like that word?) and teary area is an art all on its own. Well, I may have just found the liner for that very occasion in the form of Eye of Horus’ Smokey Black Goddess Pencil*. You’re welcome!

Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil Review and Swatch
Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil Review and Swatch
This picture was taken almost 5 hours after application, and there is still black pigment there!
Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil Review and Swatch

If you’re eyes are anything like mine, you prepare to have eyeliner smudge away from the waterline within an hour of application. It will end up everywhere BUT the tightline or waterline areas, but mostly gathered up in the inner corners as nasty black eye goop. So imagine my surprise when I tried the Eye of Horus Smokey Black Goddess Pencil, and hours later it was still mostly where I left it!? Of course there was a touch of wear after about 6 hours, probably from me staring at a computer screen for hideous amounts of time, but no inner corner ickies, no smears around the lash line, and no cloudy vision. Ten hours in I still had some black in my waterline and tightline as well as along my upper lash line without fading or smudging!

While it isn’t the sootiest of all black eyeliners out there (Urban Decay Perversion still takes that cake for me) it’s close (slightly on the warm side of black), and certainly black enough to add some drama or depth were needed. The formula is super soft and smooth and then sets – very similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencils. 

I did a comparison with two other high quality black liners in the picture above; The Marc Jacobs Highliner and the Urban Decay 24/7 in Perversion. The Marc Jacobs is a cooler toned black and performs nicely on the lids with more smudging time, but doesn’t perform well in the waterline and often gives me cloudy vision when I’ve tried. The Urban Decay is super true black, lasts well throughout the day on the lash line, but doesn’t stay around long in the waterline. 

Eye of Horus is an Australian beauty brand made with natural ingredients, paraben and cruelty free. You can find their products on and

What is your go-to black eyeliner for long wear?


‘*’ Denotes a product that was kindly sent for consideration as a PR sample. This is not a paid review, nor a sponsored post.

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