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  • Luxury Products Worth the Price # 2

    Luxury high end beauty products worth the price, mac, chanel, smashbox, marc jacobs, charlotte tilbury

    Now I love a good drugstore find as much as the next girl, but there is something about pulling that fancy-schmancy lipstick out of your hand bag that just feels special, you know? Sometimes there are high priced products that are not worth the packaging they come in, but other times they are sooo worth it. This is for those times…

    Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel

    When my skin is looking absolute rubbish, rough or super dehydrated I bust out one of these bad boys and then enjoy my baby soft face the next day. These kick dry patches to the curb, leave my skin looking plump and minus dehydration lines I sometimes get. It’s kind of the skin kick in the pants we all need sometimes.

    Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere Foundation

    A cult classic and for good reason; This foundation is light as air on the skin, blends in almost traceless, and it’s completely buildable. It’s no wonder that it’s water based formula is such a hit with all skin types as well. The plastic packaging, while not as typical ‘Chanel-glam’ makes for perfect travel makeup!

    Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream

    Oh boy this one I almost wanted to hate, because it’s spendy for me, but I can honestly say it feels amazing on the skin, sits under makeup beautifully and generally makes my skin glow. It might just be magic…

    MV Skincare Hand Rescue*

    I’m normally the type to buy the cheapest hand cream and then go through it like water, so dropping a bill or two on a luxe cream like this is a stretch for me. Until I tried it of course and fell in love with how silky it made my hands feel, and how quickly it sank in. No sticky, clammy digits with this – it blends in within seconds!

    SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Water

    I fully understand that the term ‘water’ does not sell this product. Who wants to drop coin on water? This is so much more though; A primer and setting spray, I definitely find this makes my makeup last longer. I’ve not gone a day without it in months which automatically puts it in my ‘worth the hype’ pile.

    Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayons

    I’ve raved about these in the past for their creamy feel and waterproof finish. These have become my go-to, never fail lines for when I don’t have (or want to spend) a lot of time. They give you some smudge time, and then set, and the automatic pencil houses a tiny sharpener in the end making it super easy for more precise looks.

    Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner*

    After hearing every beauty blogger from hear to the sun rave about Pillow Talk, I knew I needed it in my life. I’m not even a lip liner fan, and this has converted me! Think super soft, creamy formula that sticks around for ages. It never drags, never dries your lips and never cakes up with too much product. Bye bye waxy, chalky lip liners of the past, Charlotte’s in town!

    MAC 217 Brush

    THE. BRUSH. The one everyone needs, need I say more? I’ve got a few, and then never regret buying them for how soft the bristles are, how perfect the shape is, and how well they blend the shadow for you. Go get one, you’ll thank me!

    What are some of the splurge products you think are worth the price? Some that aren’t?


    *Products denoted with the ‘*’ were kindly sent to me for consideration. I am not compensated to promote these nor am I contracted to give them a positive review. As always it’s 100% honestly around here. It’s how I roll.


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