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    Five Favourites | Beauty Bloggers

    If there is one thing I love almost as much as talking about makeup and beauty, it’s reading about it from other awesome bloggers. I think blogs are such an important way to communicate about products (hence my involvement in it!) and really help connect the average consumer with the product in a (mostly) unbiased way. Here’s a shout out to some of my favourites:

    Vivianna Does Makeup  – Anna has a knack with words and a way of making you feel like she’s just like you, wonky eyeliner and all. She’s a self professed hairy girl and sweaty betty and that makes me love her even more. She’s your best gal pal, in beauty blog format.
    Caroline Hirons – Oh Caroline, where do I begin? This woman saved my skin. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge about the skincare side of things and don’t think for a second you’ll get away with recommending a face wipe over there, unless it fits into Caroline’s mantra of “fannies, festivals and flights”. Reading Caroline’s blog is education, and if there is something hot or hyped up in the skincare world, you can better believe she’ll have thoughts on it. 
    Bloomin’ Rouge – Holly is so sweet, always takes the time to get involved with her readers, responding to their comments and keeping the conversation going. She’s also had some wicked bloggy/tech hacks and advice that the inner geek in me has much appreciated. She’s the friend with serious winged liner skills and share step by step how she did it.
    Makeup Savvy – I’ve been reading Fee’s blog for ages now, and have fallen in love with her posts about bargain brushes and Ebay finds. She’s not afraid to be honest, or talk about some subjects other bloggers shy away from. She’s also got some mad blogging skills – her post images are always super eye catching and editorial like. 
    Sarah Loves Makeup – I originally found Sarah over on instagram, and fell in love with her minimalist flat lay photography esthetic. Sarah’s blog is straight up pretty eye candy and has introduced me to brands that I previously hadn’t shown much interest in! 

    Who are your favourite bloggers in the makeup/beauty range right now?



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