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    Inner Beauty | Beating Summer Bloat

    skinnymint tea detox review
    As someone who isn’t as thin as I would like to be, I know all too well how uncomfortable it can be to fit into summer clothes when the weather is hot and I generally feel ‘puffier’ than usual. This time of year when the temperatures rise, the last thing you want to feel is bloated, so here are some tips for keeping things feeling good on the inside, and looking good on the outside.

    skinnymint tea detox review

    Water, Water, Water… Did I mention water?
    It is SO important to stay hydrated in the summer heat, and that doesn’t mean sipping Corona’s on a patio somewhere. Dehydration and too much sun can equal a nasty bout of sun stroke, which could have you feeling the effects for days. Not only is staying hydrated important for your health, but for your skin, hair and nails too. Try and get at least your 8-10 8oz glasses a day to help flush out toxins (like a few too many cocktails the night before) and keep your system from retaining water (ie, bloating)

    Watch Your Sodium
    It’s patio weather here, which inevitably means BBQ’s, chips, cocktails and other summer time favourites that might pack a monumental amount of sodium. Too much salt in your diet will do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with drinking your H20. Besides the major bloat effect, it might make you feel thirstier, and thus have you reaching for that 4th or 5th boozy drink, when you might have only had 2 or 3 normally. Choosing snacks that have less sodium, like carrots and hummus, fresh fruit and reduced salt chips if you have the craving, will naturally cut back on your intake.

    So you let a little too loose on vacation this month, now what?
    Consider a ‘teatox’ like SkinnyMint 14 or 28 Day System*. Most of these involve a morning tea, and a nighttime tea you drink every second night. The morning tea in the SkinnyMint system is a fragrant fruity green tea that helps boost your energy for the day, and then the night tea is a detoxing cleansing tea that helps get your system back on track and a little more regular, if you catch my drift. 
    I gave this system a go last month and while I didn’t lose any weight like some users have, I felt lighter, less bloated and overall my body was happier.

    I know you’re all thinking, “hot tea in the summer?” but you can easily ice these teas, add a bit of lemon, mint or some fresh fruit and make them a more refreshing drink!

    How do you beat bloating and puffiness when the weather gets hot? 
    Share in the comments below!


    *SkinnyMint kindly sent me their 28 Day Ultimate Teatox for consideration. This is not a paid sponsored post and all options and reviews are my own 100% honest thoughts!


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