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  • Beauty Products So Good I ‘Hit Pan’

    Ah the sweet satisfaction followed by the panicked ‘I have to buy a backup!’ sentiment of “Hitting Pan”. In the beauty world this term is a status – the product was good enough that the end is in sight (usually in the form of the literal metal pan a product is pressed into). Now if you’re anything like me and have an out of control makeup addiction, you will not see this nearly as often making it special when you actually do begin to use up something. Here are five products that were so good I ‘hit pan’ on them.

    Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
    I use this every single day to set my under eye concealer, so it’s no surprise I flew right past getting low enough to see the bottom of the container and straight to furiously tapping every last speck of powder out of this little jar. Don’t worry, I picked up a new one the very next day.

    Mac Omega Eyeshadow
    This is touted often as the ultimate brow shadow because of its neutral undertones. I love this for mixing with other brow powders that pull too warm, or softening my brows when I’ve gone a little too wild with them. It also makes a great shade for a simple contoured eye look, or if you want to do some light nose contouring.

    Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Naked
    This is one of my all time swipe on a go lipsticks. I never need a mirror, I don’t have to worry about the colour bleeding and it is relatively moisturizing on the lips. All of these facts are why mine is literally being dug out of the metal casing for the bullet right now.

    Tarte Park Avenue Princess Matte Waterproof Bronzer
    This is one of the few bronzers that isn’t too golden or yellow on me. It goes on matte yet never patchy, lasts longer than any other on me and gives my face shape in a way that most bronzers would be too warm to get away with. No surprise I’ve hit pan in a big way for the second time on this bad boy.

    Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation
    I truly thought this might be the never ending bottle of foundation. Given that it comes in a larger 50ml size (most foundations are 30ml) I remember thinking I’d never use it up, but look at that bottle, there are only a few more uses in it! This foundation is super buildable but sets up nicely, not staying tacky like some face and body formulas. I always get told how good my skin looks when wearing this, rather than how nice my makeup is. In this case, I suppose you’d you say you ‘hit glass’.

    What products have you hit pan on recently? 
    Do you panic to go buy another, or are you relieved to get the chance to try something new?


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