It’s Back… In Limited Edition | Laura Mercier Artist Palette

Just a month or so ago I blogged this post, about some of my favourite limited edition and discontinued products. Well guess what? One at the top of the list, the Laura Mercier Artist Palette is back as a limited edition on Now I can’t vouch for how long this will be around, because the first time round these sold out lickity split. I highly recommend you march your behind over to and pick one up while they are still available online!

The value on this palette is amazing, and the shadows are all gorgeous buttery mixes of warm, neutral and plum shades that are a complement to any makeup collection.  As you can tell, I’m a big fan 😉

Do let me know if you pick it up – it became one of my fast favourites!
This palette was brought out originally for holiday 2013 and was exclusive to Sephora.


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