Sunday Steals | The $3 Your Lips But Better Lipstick I’m Loving

essence long lasting lipstick 07 natural beauty kylie jenner mac syrup
I’ve never considered myself a complete slave to high end luxury makeup, but the idea of smearing a $3 lipstick on my lips always took me back to the days of frosty pink beige Wet n Wild lipsticks from my teenage years. You know the ones – waxy, greasy, powdery scented and sometimes gritty cheapo lipsticks that really we’re only worth the pocket change they were. Then I found this little gem – a ‘your lips but better’ lippie that I easily would have been fooled into thinking cost 6 or 7 times the price…

The Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks were something I had never taken more than a minute to look at, and then I saw them mentioned in the lovely Amelia Liana’s video. Knowing Amelia loves a good lip product, and has the taste for quality, I knew it was worth taking a look at.  I picked out the shade 07 Natural Beauty – a gorgeous creamy pinky nude mauve… a perfect ‘your lips but better’, glossier Kylie Jenner-esque hue. Think Mac Syrup but slightly less mauve.

I paid a whopping $2.99+ tax for it, and I would easier pay five times that now knowing that the texture is creamy, smooth and light on the lips. It glides over dry rough patches on my lips, and makes my lips look super hydrated and plump. The shade 07 Natural Beauty is one of those ‘throw in your purse cause you know it will go with everything’ shades that you can swipe on in a flash whilst stopped at a red light (hey, we’ve all been there) It does have a light kind of classic lipstick scent, slightly floral but all together fairly inoffensive to my sensitive nose, and I wouldn’t say for a second that there is anything long lasting about the formula as the name suggests. 
Plain and simple, this is a really nice balmy feeling lipstick that I’ve found myself reaching for daily. I only wish there were more shades in the range. You all know me, I’d love a nice peach shade đŸ˜‰
Happy Sunday – hope you enjoyed this #sundaysteal – let me know in the comments below if you have tried these lipsticks, and what your favourite bargain beauty buy is so I can go try it!


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