Going Out of the Comfort Zone | Red Lips

red lipstick nars velvet matte lip pencil cruella girllovesgloss.com
I’ve never been a red lip kind of girl. I just never really felt it worked with my skin and complexion, though I’ll admit, I didn’t try very hard either.
I’ve discovered that orange tinged reds and corals look good on me, but never really went true red… until now anyways.

red lipstick nars velvet matte lip pencil cruella girllovesgloss.com

After hearing Anna wax on and on about Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, namely in Cruella a true scarlett red, I decided to bite bullet and give it a go. I think it can be healthy to push yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to makeup and fashion every now and then. I mean, I’m not advocating for you to suddenly wear blue lipstick or anything (or do, if that floats your boat!) but just trying something you normally would have written off as not for you.

My red lip experiment did teach me a couple things:

-a matte formula keeps things looking modern and stylish.
-apply, blot, apply again for long lasting colour
-use a liner if you choose a formula that is creamy or has tendencies to bleed. That ain’t pretty.
-keep the rest of your makeup somewhat neutral. It’s probably not the time to bust out the blue eyeshadow.
-be prepared to check your teeth for lipstick… often. It happens so keep a little pocket mirror handy!

When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone to try something new? Did you end up loving it?


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