Sunday Steals | Urban Outfitters Nail Polish

Happy Sunday! Back here with another Sunday Steal, and this time it’s for the nail lovers! I’d recently had most of my nails split and break leaving me with horrible short nails, even for me (stress related, I swear I don’t bite my nails!) When my nails are this short, I find bright colours look best on me, so I decided to try out some polishes I was gifted this Christmas from a friend. Days later when the polish was still on my nails (I’m usually one of those girls who’s nails chip within 24 hours) I was sold. Even more so when I found out you could get two for $8 CND!
My friend had tossed a couple of the Urban Outfitters Nail Polishes in my Christmas gift bag, and even though the colours were bright and summery, I had to get them on my nails asap. I reached for the turquoise hued Flip Flop and the soft pale mint Opal – both shades that seem to work even when I’m my palest in the dead of Winter. 
I was thoroughly surprised by these for the price point, and the colour selection was really fun with some seriously unique shades. I’ve already bumped my collection to four, but I have a feeling more are on the way! 
Have you tried the Urban Outfitters Nail Polish? What is your favourite bargain buy these days?


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