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  • If They Wrote It, I’d Read It

    Left-Right: Caroline Hirons, Anna Gardner, Lisa Eldridge, Wayne Goss, Nic Haste and Sam Chapman
    With the trend of Youtubers getting book deals lately I couldn’t help but think of some of the youtubers/bloggers that I enjoy so much I would honestly go out and buy the hardcover for. These folks all have something really special to offer, and if they wrote it, I’d read it.

    Let’s start with the Queen of Good Skin, Caroline Hirons. I discovered her blog a couple years back when my skin rebelled against me and I was desperate for help. Hours of reading posts and a few Caroline recommended products later, and my skin was back to normal if not better, in two days. I kid you not, figuring out the right skincare regimen for me worked that fast. Caroline’s super honest cut the crap personality would lend itself to the ultimate skincare bible, dontcha think?
    Anna of ViviannaDoesMakeup writes one of my most enjoyed blogs and her YouTube channel is awesome. She holds no bones about her eyeliner inadequacies, will suss out the perfect matte lip and makes a mean lemon drizzle cake. She’s absolutely delightful and I could totally picture myself chuckling along with her during a nightly read.
    Lisa Eldridge is makeup royalty on Youtube. Her soothing voice and delicate touch (seriously it looks like the brushes don’t even touch the skin!) make her so enjoyable to watch and I can imagine her face on the cover a book full of beautiful makeup looks next to the likes of Bobbi Brown’s and Kevyn Aucoin’s on the shelf.
    Speaking of the late great Kevyn Aucoin, another male in the industry I truly enjoy is Wayne Goss. He’s no holds barred when it comes to his product reviews, and is the first to say if he thinks something is rubbish, and we love him for it. He’s full of amazing tips and tricks and different approaches to makeup that would make an amazing manual for those of all skill levels. 
    Finally, the amazing Pixiwoo sisters, Sam Chapman and Nic Haste. I’ve been watching their channel since it was Sam in her living room many moons ago. I love the rapport these two have with each other and they aren’t afraid to create some amazing avant garde, high fashion or downright terrifying halloween looks. These girls have worked their way up from working on the counters of Mac and now have a extremely popular brush line in Real Techniques, and I’m sure to heads full of stories that would have us laughing, crying and wanting to read more!
    What youtuber or blogger would you like to see a book from?


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