Sunday Steals | NYC Liquid Eyeliner

Coming at you all with another makeup steal, and this one really is a bargain to boast about – a whopping $2.49 was spent. That’s right, get out your piggy banks and count your pennies for this one!

When it comes to finding an eyeliner for under $3 I honestly am pretty weary. I mean there are some serious waxy hard liner pencils out there in that range, but liquid? I really expected nothing, and honestly wouldn’t have picked it up if not for hearing some other beauty blogger and Youtubers talk about the NYC Liquid Eyeliner.

So I gave it a whirl and was honestly surprised. This particular liner is a tradition liquid with brush product that you paint on and dip back into the container, like an inkwell. Normally I like pen style liners because they regulate product a bit better, but it had been years since I tried the more traditional liquid liner so I was curious.
 Will it replace my beloved Kat Von D liner? No, but it honestly is a great option for someone on a budget or doesn’t have access to Sephora (where Kat Von D is exclusive to). The formula is very black, don’t be fooled by the crappy picture above, and dries down very matte. So that already ticks off two of my must have checklist boxes. What else is a must? It can’t flake or smudge. This did neither.

Some slight cons would be that it doesn’t last quite as long as the Kat Von D, nor is it as precise to apply (helpful hint moment: wipe off the excess product on the inside of the tube before application or you’ll be sorry!) The brush is quite thin, but like any liquid liner of this style it takes a steady hand for a steady line. While the product didn’t smudge on me, it isn’t waterproof either, which means it wont be one I grab for on long days or when allergy season arrives.

Over all, given how many drugstore felt, liquid and gel liners I have tried, this is one of the better ones, and at under $3 CND it certainly is worth a try!

Have you tried this eyeliner? What is your favourite drugstore eyeliner?


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