SUNDAY STEALS | The $5 Eyeshadow Palette

I’ll admit it, I am a total high end makeup snob a lot of the time, but I love a good bargain as much as the next girl! Recently in the drugstore I noticed the Essence stand had been updated and snatched up a six shadow packed palette not much bigger in size than a credit card… for five bucks!

The Essence All About Sunrise Palette comes with six shadows in hues of taupe, rose gold, cream, beige bronze and gold. All the shadows are quite metallic and some sparkly, which makes this a fun one to have for nights out and a bit of glittery goodness. The texture of these is really unique, they are so creamy to the touch I legitimately thought they might be cream at first, but they are in fact powder based shadows. I will say that these do start to crease a bit due to the buttery formula after several hours of wear if you don’t have a primer on underneath, but with a primer they last all day! The creaminess actually binds the sparklier shadows well, because I really haven’t noticed any tell tale glitter fall down while wearing this.

I was super impressed with this considering the absolute bargain buy price of $5 CND. There were at least two more palettes in the range that I can remember, one more pinky brown based, and one with brighter colours. Packaging wise the palette comes in a sturdy clear plastic that feels like it could take a good rough up and has a nice satisfying click closure (it’s the little things that make me happy sometimes you know) 
Oh, and while we are on the subject of bargains don’t be fooled by the size of the outer packaging, this little bad boy boasts 8.5 grams of product!

What beauty bargain have you found lately? Have you tried these palettes?


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