PET PEEVES | Shopping The Cosmetic Counters

We’ve all been there – a casual browse at the beauty counters and shops only to come away with a WTF? moment. Nine out of ten times the experience is awesome, but every once in a while someone doesn’t get the memo that leaves shopping for makeup a touch frustrating. 

The Clinger – He or she follows you around the shop like you’re ready to pilfer the place. They ask you if you need assistance more than a couple of times and jump in and say something about every single product you so much as slow down near. Whilst I love the enthusiasm about makeup, of course, I don’t need to be followed. I always feel one of two ways about this: either they think I’m shifty, or they’re trying (much) too hard to make a commision off me. Either way leaves me feeling icky.
The BS’er – They spout off absolute bullshit facts about a product regardless if they are true just to sell it. Not long ago I was informed by a sales assistant that Estee Lauder Double Wear was a “lightweight” foundation suitable for my super dry skin. Wrong. Another favourite is when I’m told a product is “all natural” as a selling feature, only to look at the ingredients. Nope. 
The Snob – The scenario goes like this: You’re in jeans and a hoodie and walk into a ritzy high end beauty shop only to be ignored by the sales assistant. You look around for help and no one can be bothered. Another woman walked into the shop dressed in designer shoes carrying shopping bags from earlier purchases and the sales folks flock like pigeons in the park. You my friend were judged by the cover of your book, and deemed not worthy of their time simply because you didn’t look like walking dollar signs. 
The Guilt Tripper – Occasionally I will buy something and I’ll end up hating it. The colour oxidized weird, the scent didn’t smell as nice on me, the eyeshadow brush was scratchy – you get it. When you bought it you were told that it was no problem returning or exchanging it, but when you come in you’re given the third degree on how it is wasteful and how you should have tried it on in the store. This recently happened to me when I was colour matched via machine to a completely off colour of foundation; The shade wasn’t even close to me and the girl at the counter tried to tell me I should keep it as much summer colour. Oh summer you say? It’s November right now. 
Now of course these scenarios are usually not the case and this post is meant to be somewhat lighthearted, but I bet at some point you’ve come across someone like this any retail situation before, am I right? Keep an eye out for the sister to this post coming soon: Cosmetic Customer Pet Peeves. It should be a fun one đŸ˜‰

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