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    SUNDAY STEALS | NYX Butter Gloss

    NYX Butter Gloss Peach Cobbler www.girllovesgloss.com
    It’s been a while since I did a Sunday Steal here on GLG. Whilst I love me some high end beauty products, occasionally I come across something that blows me away, both in quality and price!
    Today’s bargain buy actually came way from a friend gifting it to me – NYX Butter Gloss was a range I was familiar with, but didn’t really pay much attention to because I actually loathe the sickly sweet cherry cough syrup smell their regular line glosses have. Thankfully the Butter Gloss range carries a much mellower fragrance which doesn’t hang around on the lips, and packs a pigment punch that rivals some lipsticks!

    NYX Butter Gloss Peach Cobbler www.girllovesgloss.com

    I was given the shade Peach Cobbler, which is a gorgeous bright neon coral and as you can see in my swatch (one single pass!) the colour is dense and smooth, unlike some glosses which go on patchy looking. The texture of the gloss itself is slightly tacky, which keeps in around, but not to the point where everything is sticking to your face because of it. Package wise, I love that the package matches the colour inside, and is a smaller tube which doesn’t take room in the purse or pocket. 
    And the best part? It rings in at about $6 CND! At that rate I see many more shades making it into my collection in the near future.
    Have you tried NYX Butter Gloss before? What is your favourite drugstore lipgloss?


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