MASCARA MONDAY | Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

too faced better than sex mascara
It’s been a good while since I did a Mascara Monday, and I know this particular mascara is a bit old news in the beauty newness world, but I don’t always like to jump right on the bandwagon when everyone in the blogosphere is also reviewing it. If you’re new here, Mascara Monday is a series I do where I post a before and after and first impressions of a mascara – you can read the last one here.

too faced better than sex mascara

I recently got a mini of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara to try out and here are my thoughts after putting it to the test. You can see in the pictures my results with #1 being no mascara and uncurled lashes, #2 with curled lashes, #3 with one coat and #4 with two coats. Things got a bit messy when I tried to add a third coat, so I’ll out it out there that this possibly isn’t the best mascara if you love to layer up.

Now, let’s preface this by what Too Faced says about this mascara. On my packaging it claims : “1944% more volume” and says Inspired by the curves of a woman’s body, the hourglass-shaped brush was designed with extra stiff bristles to maximize the performance of this carbon black, collagen-fueled formula. One coat and lashes are full and defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled, and dramatic. Three coats help you achieve the most intense, black, multidimensional lashes possible.

So first claim is 1944% more volume… I don’t really have much to say on this other than to wonder where brands get such numbers. Did I noticed almost 2000x more volume in my lashes? Uh nope. 

Secondly three coats just weren’t happening with this mascara, my lashes started to gum up together and it wasn’t pretty. You can see from my step by step pictures that this mascara gives an airy fluttery look to the lashes, but surely isn’t the more volumizing formula I’ve come across. What I will say is I am impressed by how decent it was at holding a curl for a non waterproof mascara. I’m chalking it up to the formula texture being a drying mousse like formula, which I normally choose for that very reason. A word of warning though – the minute water hit my face this ran like I’d been caught in a monsoon. Watery eyed girls beware.
The brush is an hourglass shape which supposedly separates and coats each lash… and is very very similar to the shape and formula and finished outcome of Almay’s Get Up and Grow Mascara, only Too Faced’s is about three times the cost. Both wear feeling soft to the touch, neither flake, but Almay comes in a waterproof formula and a few shades, whereas Too Faced’s comes in one shade. 

Final thoughts : It’s nice, but nothing to write home about or rather, spend the $30 CND price tag on. Especially when the results are almost identical, and the brush similar to that of a drugstore mascara that I can get on sale for a whopping 6 bucks. 

Better Than Sex? I’ll let you be the judge on that one. 


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