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  • CHARITABLE BEAUTY | Lush’s Revamped Charity Pot

    Since launching our Charity Pot program in 2007, we’ve donated more than $5,800,000 to over 600 grassroots charities in 35countries.” 
    So before we crack on, you may have noticed an absence on my part here on GLG. Let’s just say this : moving ain’t no fun.
    But what is fun is finally having a deep soaker bathtub and a reason to drop into Lush and thus stumbling across the newly formulated Charity Pot hand and body lotion.

    I wasn’t planning on picking up Charity Pot when I popped in my local Lush, in fact I wasn’t much of a fan of the original scent. But when I saw it sitting by the till I gave it a sniff and was pleasantly surprised – it was mellow, not too feminine or masculine and not so cocoa buttery (not big on the food scents here). Add in the fact that the proceeds go all over the world to grassroots charities, and the new formula is self preserving and it was a win win. Hell, I even picked one up for a girlfriend of mine.
    This rich cream feels luxurious and a little goes a long way – after using just a couple times it made a patch of eczema on my leg hit the high road. It sinks in but the scent softly lingers and my skin feels soft right through to the next day.
    Pop it on your legs after you shave – the silkyness is intense!

    Have you tried the newly revamped Charity Pot? What is your favourite Lush product ? I’m fairly new to the brand as a whole and am already hooked!


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