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    FAVOURITES | 5 Favourite Beauty Products for July 2014

    July seemed like one of those “all over the place” months for me, and I found myself getting a bit routine with my makeup. Not that routine is bad, but it is easy and when your other half says, “hey, lets go to Las Vegas!” and its 42 degrees outside (that upper 110’s for you Americans) then routine, easy, and quick are all words that play into ones vocab. Let’s take a look into the five bits I didn’t want to be without this past month, shall we?

    Click on the product names to find them online. Handy, no?

    Since it is the summer time, and that fiery ball in the sky is out in full force, SPF is an absolute must. I generally don’t spend much time in direct sunlight, so I opted for the Clarins Oil-Free Lotion Spray in SPF15 for everyday (and of course opted for higher when I knew I would be exposed for longer) This stuff sprays on so light without that greasy feeling some leave and smells heavenly to me (warning, it is one of those smells you’ll either love or hate – sniff before you buy!) It’s oil free so no worries about staining clothing or blocking pores and it sinks in lovely, not leaving you with that sticky “I could catch flies like this” feeling. 

    When it came to actually looking like I had been in the sun, but safely (I am well past my sun bathing days, thankfully) I love a good mousse self tanner, and I decided to try the Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt this time round and found that it was so much softer than my St Tropez I had be using, which felt positively scratchy after finding this gem. It cleans so much better as well – bonus!

    In the makeup department there were three things that just made life easy for me. Starting with the brows, a straight up necessity for me, I found myself loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Medium Ash. The pencil point is impossibly fine letting it look naturally on the finest sparsest of brows, like mine. 
    To frame my eyes I was loving the combo of Nars Mekong Eyeshadow smudged along the lash line and into the outer ‘v’ and Mac Chromagraphic Pencil in Nc15 Nw20 in my water line. The flesh toned pencil brightens and opens the eyes, and the rich chocolate shadow made the green in my eyes pop. 

    What were your favourite beauty products on July? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned in this post?

    Stay tuned for the Five Flops of July post, coming soon!

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