THE NEW FAVOURITE | Marc Jacobs Highliner in Ro(cocoa)

One of the first makeup bits I can remember really falling in love with, enough to repurchase over and over, was Mac Teddy Eye Kohl. I wore that eyeliner day in and out for years, and frequently got asked what it was I was wearing. The only problem with it? The staying power. being a creamy kohl, it just disappeared by the end of the day. Thus began the search for a long lasting dupe…

marc jacobs highliner ro(cocoa)

I’ve been looking for a coppery brown eyeliner for ages now, but the list of requirements was pretty high : it had to be long lasting, creamy, smooth and not too red, not too brassy in colour.
Easy right? whoamikidding?

Then by complete fluke the other day I was swatching the Marc Jacobs Highliners, and came across Ro(Cocoa). It was the perfect coppery rich brown that makes my green eyes pop! So despite scoffing a bit at the price ($30 CAD) I took it home with me, and I am so glad I did! This stuff truly does feel like a gel liner the way it glides on. It’s creamier feeling than my Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils, and lasts all day long waterproof. No wearing down, no flaking, no migrating.

As you can see in the inset picture, it is a twist up, and while it does come with its own handy dandy sharpener on the bottom, these styles of eyeliners never get that super sharp point. So I was skeptical I was going to like this, thinking it might be a smudgy mess – but in reality it seems to glide on so smooth (no tugging for ladies that worry about crepey eyelids!) that I have no problem getting a thin precise line if I want one!

For me, the only downside is the cost (though I think it is totally worth it!) and I wish there was more colours in the range, because the black is a slightly glossy formula (I like my black liners matte) and the purple plum colours are a slight bit chunky due to the borderline glitter shimmer in them)

Have you tried the Marc Jacobs Beauty line? What are your favourites?

Charlotte Tilbury CA


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