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    FEELING LUXE | L’OCCITANE Amande Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate

    As I mentioned in my birthday haul post, I was gift a few nice beauty bits this year. Now I always like to go buy gifts for people who maybe wouldn’t justify purchasing for themselves, and this fits perfectly with my mantra. My wonder other half decided to treat me to something fancy, and made sure to tell me he specifically picked it out just for me. What a guy…

    When I opened up my gift and saw one of the parts was the L’Occitane Amande Milk Concentrate I was both excited and surprised (because this stuff doesn’t come cheap!). However when I heard the story of how he picked it (“I told her your dry skin concerns, and then tested every cream they had and picked the one that made me softest”) it warmed my heart just a bit… cue awwww moment.

    Coming in a beautiful glass jar, the best selling cream has a subtle milky almond smell that is really unobtrusive and creates a nice base for my favourite perfumes. I can see now why the reviews on this stuff are so glowing, it really is a gorgeous luxury feeling cream. My skin feels silky smooth and hydrated all day, and even into the next day, which really blew my mind. Considering I have suffered with Keratosis Pilaris on my arms my whole life, it is rare for any moisturizer, cream or lotion to stick around that long.
    The texture is surprising to me, because I would expect anything with a 48 hour hydration claim to be quite thick and leave a residue behind, but instead this is a lightweight whipped cream that sinks in immediately. No sticky “wait for it to sink in before you put your clothes on” feeling, and yet the hydration is wonderful.

    Overall, it was so nice to receive this as a gift, given the hefty price tag and I can honestly say it is worth it. The only problem? Falling in love with a luxury product, knowing you will want to repurchase at some point!

    Have you tried this from L’Occitane? What are your favourite L’Occitane products (can you tell I am hooked?) What luxury products have you received/given as gifts before?


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