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  • BRONZED | My Go To Products for a Summer Glow

    Something I have become quite old hand at if I do say so myself, is self tanning. I can remember nights bathing in biscuity smelling Coppertone tanning cream when I was 16 hoping to look like I’d just stepped away from a weekend in the tropics. The results were less then stellar usually, but a good learning experience no doubt. I’m sure Coppertone has come a long way with tanners, and so have I; Here’s my picks for best bronzed glow with the least chance of the dreaded Oompa Loompa Syndrome. 

    Self Tanning Favourites Tarte, St Tropez, Clinique, Clarins, Indeed Labs

    Prep is everything when it comes to the golden glow. You want to exfoliate, but contrary to popular belief not directly before. Doing so the day before you plan to tan means you wont have dry skin clinging around, but also wont be dealing with irritated skin that sometimes can happen with a good scrub.

    {1}My staple when it comes to scrubbing the body is Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream. I’ve mentioned it here before, and will continue to because it is amazing. It doesn’t have a luxurious scent, and the colour slightly resembles tooth paste, but it really sticks to the skin, rather that landing in your shower in clumps. I love the consistency of this scrub, and because it isn’t sugar or salt suspended in an oil base, there is absolutely no residue after. When it comes to tanning you don’t want oil on your skin, it can hinder the tanner from soaking in and looking streak free!

    {2}Indeed Labs Powdered Facial Exfoliator is totally customizable to the level of scrub you need. Its a finely milled powder that you mix with a few drops of water into a paste (or more water for a thinner texture) I love that this is gentle (no apricot shells here – eek!) but totally effective. I hate using exfoliators that feel like they are doing nothing as much as those that feel like they are 600 grit sandpaper.

    {3}When it comes to putting some bronze on these lily white limbs, St Tropez Tanning Mouse takes the cake. Coming in sensitive, regular, and dark formulas, I reach for the regular one and spread it on with the {4} St Topez Mitt, which I have found holds up incredibly well compared to some other mitts I’ve tried. The formula leaves a tint so you can blend like a boss and then dries super fast, which means no stained sheets, and nasty sticky tanner feeling. I happen to like the scent of the original – it’s sort of a fresh clean scent that masks the tell tale tanner smell. Just a warning though – under no circumstances do I put this on my face and neck, it is too harsh for that delicate skin.

    {5}For face and neck I reach for Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning, a milky liquid formula that is beyond natural and gentle and perfect for tanning newbs or those who just want gradual subtle colour. You can actually put this on top of your regular moisturizer and under makeup.  The instructions say to swipe over the face with a cotton pad or ball, but I honestly just squirt a dime sized amount into my hands and massage into my face and neck. This is a great option to use to stretch out tanning sessions as well, since we tend to wash and scrub our face more, self tanner fades there fastest.

    {6}When it comes to warming up the complexion daily, you all know by now I always reach for my Tarte park Avenue Princess Matte Waterproof Bronzer. The formula is super smooth and silky, never chalky like some matte bronzers can be and lasts all darn day. I’ve tried so many bronzers over the years, and this has by far the best looking colour (not too red, not too golden/orange) and sits on the skin the most natural. Go get it, you’ll thank me!

    There you go – 6 must haves that rotate around my bathroom ready to take the edge off a bit just in time for summer. I don’t always like to be tanned, but when I do, I reach for these!
    What are your go to bronzing products?


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