CULT CLASSICS | Love It Or Leave It?

Being a beauty addict since my preteens I can distinctly remember specific products touted in my Seventeen and YM magazines (wow, remember YM? Hello Jaime, the 1993 is calling…) As I got older, certain products took cult status from the likes of Allure, Youtube and various beauty blogs. Over time,…

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MONTHLY MUST BUY | L’Oreal Butterfly Mascara

If you are new to my Monthly Must Buy feature, here’s the 411: Every month I narrow down one product that I really think you is worth your hard earned cash. Sometimes they are a bit pricey, sometimes they are a bargain, but they are all tried and tested by…


THE LINE UP | Coral Edition

Every now and then I like to take a shade I am loving at the moment and then pick out a handful of products that fit in that range. I’ve done Rose Gold here, and Peach here, and now I am on to Coral. Take a gander at a few…


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