SUNDAY SPARKLE | Illamasqua Trilliant Nail Varnish

So, I am at the point where I only buy new nail polishes when the shade is really unique. I mean really something special. Considering I have an embarrassingly large bin of polishes, and more than a few accidental dupe buys, I really need to reserve real estate for one of a kinds. So basically, that’s how I justified this last purchase…

Illamasqua Trilliant Nail Varnish is part of their Shattered Star range. Its a stunning pink champagne glitter polish that dries to a matte yet sparkly finish, if that even makes sense? I popped one coat on my nails in the pic above, but it can be layered up to something really intense. I really don’t have anything in my collection quite like this, which makes the price tag on it less gulp worthy. 
One thing to note, this does dry to a textured finish even with a top coat, so if that’s something that bothers you, be warned. Normally I don’t love polishes like that, but this one is so stunning I can look past it!
Now that I am no longer an Illamasqua nail polish virgin, what other shades do I need?

Charlotte Tilbury CA


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