GETTING THE GLOW | Luminizers and Highlighters

Being blessed with dry and dehydrated skin means sometimes I just need to fake the glow some of you may come by naturally (rub it in why dontcha?) These products have become my staples for getting that light from within glow. Fake it till ya make it, amiright?

[1] This has been talked about a few times here, and for good reason. Clarins Instant Light Complextion Perfector in 01 Rose is something I love to mix with my heavier full coverage foundations. Sometimes you just want the coverage, but still need something to bring the life back into your complexion and this does the trick beautifully. It’s less about shimmer and more about luminosity and comes in 3 shades that would work with any skin tone.

[2] Mac Cream Color Base in Pearl is a pale yellow/white gold that I love tapped onto the tops of cheekbones. You need the smallest amount and it just gives the most beautiful glow. While it looks yellow in the swatch, it doesn’t translate that way once blended into the skin. [3] If you prefer powder formula for your highlight, the theBalm Mary Loumanizer is a great choice. Not only do you get tons of product, it can double up as an eyeshadow. This is slightly less yellow than MAC Pearl in swatch, but they translate onto the skin very similarly. A little goes a long way with this, I prefer to use a large fluffy fan brush so I don’t go overboard. [4] Possibly the scariest in swatch, is the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer. While technically it’s marketed as a product to put underneath your base, I prefer to mix it in with my foundation like the Clarins product. This has quite a liquidy texture and mixes well with foundations that are either too thick, or are also liquidy. While it looks straight up frosty white when dispensed, don’t fear – this wont go disco on you, it’s rather a nice pearly finish, never sparkly.

What are your favourite highlighting and luminizing products? Do you prefer powders or creams?


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