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  • BUDGET BEAUTY | The Drugstore Face

    It’s no joke I love my higher end cosmetics – I love the luxury packaging and the nice scents and shade ranges that tend to come with the higher price tag. Having said that, sometimes you just don’t want to splurge, and I’ve grabbed a handful of products that are all drugstore available for a guilt free face.

    [1] If you have been following my Mascara Monday series you will have read all about this one, the L’Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara. It is a touch gimicky with the bizarre wand, but the more I use it the more I am loving it. Length and volume minus the flaky fall out L’Oreal mascara usually gives me. If you are going sans eyeliner, you will definitely want a more dramatic mascara to make the eyes pop like this one.
    [2] Another hit on Girl Loves Gloss is the L’Oreal Infallible Amber Rush shadow. A gorgeous coppery rose gold that works so well as a sweep all over the lid an go colour. This shade seems to look stunning on every colour eye and can go on intense or blended out to a soft wash.
    [3] Essence Silky Touch Blush in Adorable is the surprise hit in this lot. While it isn’t the most finely milled blush I’ve ever reached for, and the colour range is only a few, this shade perks up the cheeks with a peachy pink glow that isn’t chalky or patchy and the pigment is great! 
    [4] Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is a a bit of a cult classic. It does what it says without getting chalky and overly powdery – even my dry skin likes it! There’s several shades in the range (though nothing in the tan-dark range unfortunately), but I reach for 001 Transparent. Although you get tons of product, you do lack a mirror on this one, making it a little less than convenient for purse touch ups. 
    [5] Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation is another home run from the drugstore. This really does feel like a luxury foundation on the skin, its rich and creamy and glowing without feeling heavy. I have this in several shades and quite often mix it with other foundations to get that perfect smooth finish. Again, the shade range doesn’t go very dark, but if you can find your shade grab it, it is truly one of my favourites and one of the few foundations I use from the drugstore these days!
    What are your favourite drugstore products? If you had to pick 5 products from the drugstore to do your whole face, what would they be?


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