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With a new Sephora way too close to my home, a MAC at my fingertips, and online shopping my night time past time, my wish list is forever growing. It’s a burden I tell you.
Here’s a look at some of my most recent wants; I wont lie, I may or may not have purchased some of these before this post even went live…

[1] & [2] Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks in Native and Naked. After reading this post about Streak, you may know how I fell in love with the formula of these. Native is a soft pale pink, and Naked is the ultimate swipe and go neutral. Both were on my list for a while, and may have come home with me from Sephora yesterday…

[3] & [4] Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Shadow Palettes in The Starlet 204 and The Lolita 206. Having purchased The Tease 202 back before the holidays I can honestly say these shadows are phenomenal. they are buttery, pigmented and a great mix of shimmer matte and sparkle. After much debate I brought The Lolita home with me yesterday. While I need another neutral palette like a hole in the head, this one really does have some unique shades I don’t have in my collection – trust me I checked. I blame Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup for the last enabling push I needed on this. Hopefully I’ll own The Starlet some time soon.

[5] MakeupGeek Pigment in Insomnia is a straight up home run dupe for MAC Blue Brown pigment. Honestly, it was a shade that never appealed to me before, but after seeing this youtube tutorial by Jaclyn Hill, it’s on my wish list for sure!

[6] Possibly the most exciting new launch for me, Urban Decay is releasing a waterproof cream liner version of their infamous Perversion 24/7 Liner. Given that I am always on the hunt for the blackest, mattest most waterproof cream/gel liner, I can’t wait to get my paws on this when it makes it to Canada. I’m counting the days…

[7] Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop is something I’ve drooled over since it was released about a month ago here. I picked it up and swatched it numerous times and finally it made it’s way from wish list status to bought status yesterday. These blushes manage to have a luminosity without any actual shimmer or sparkle. I already want another shade….

What pretties are on your current wish list? You can follow mine as well as my other favourites over on my Luvocracy Page!

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