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  • THE PROBLEM SOLVERS | Items You Wont Regret Buying

    Let’s face it, we all have had makeup mishaps. That winged liner? It was supposed to match on both sides, wasn’t it? The eyeshadow brush you just used turned your brows purple because that’s the last colour you used with it. You’ve finished your makeup and its perfect, then the dreaded mascara blob happens. Been there. 
    Here’s a round up of products you wont regret keeping on hand. Beauty blunders beware!

    [1] Nail Lacquer Thinner by OPI – a couple drops of this bad boy and you’ll never deal with thick gloopy polish of top coat (ahem, Seche Vite) again. A bottle runs about $10 and will last you ages. Remember that gorgeous polish you only wear in the summer? Chances are it’s thickened up whilst sitting in a drawer somewhere, pop a few drops of this in it and its good as new. And for crying out loud, please do not put nail polish remover in your polishes, it breaks them down!

    [2] MAC Brush Cleanser in a spray bottle. The one gripe I have with this product is that it doesn’t come with a handy spray nozzle. Problem is fixed with a travel bottle, like the Quo one I use. It’s perfect to travel with, and makes quick clean ups a snap.

    [3] Shiseido Facial Cotton, or as I refer to it as sometimes, the only facial cotton. This stuff is worth its price tag! It never pills up, disintegrates, leaves lint or fluff around to catch in your lashes. Use those cheap cotton pads to remove your nail polish, and keep these for removing eye makeup and using with toners and micellar waters. Your skin will thank you.

    [4] Pointed Tipped cotton buds like Nail Tees make cleaning up botched winged liner an absolute breeze. Admirers will think you’re a pro and know none the wiser! These come in super handy for cleaning up messy nail polish, as well as spot blemish treatment application as well. Get too much foundation in the crevices around your nose? Run one of these bad boys around it to remove excess but not disrupt the rest of the foundation.

    [5] Uber pointed tweezers like these from Sally Hansen make tweezing those pesky hairs that seem to sprout everywhere the minute you look into a magnifying mirror a piece of cake. You know I’m not just talking about eyebrow hairs ladies…

    [6] The one sharpener to beat them all, Urban Decay Grindhouse is a must for eye and lip pencils. Never will this thing chew up your beloved liner, or break the tip off. One two twist and your back to sharp points, even in the softest pencils.

    [7] Vichy Purete Thermale Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution is a long name for an awesome product. This stuff never stings my eyes and removes the stubbornest of black eyeliners. Remember #4 in the list? Dip one of those in this and swipe along the underside of your winged liner for an ultra crisp edge. A dab of this will remove the dreaded mascara blob, and worse comes to worse, squeeze some on #3 and start fresh. Hey, sometimes you just need to wave the white flag, you know?


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