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    PRETTY PASTELS | Nail Polish Picks for Spring 2014

    One of the big trends for Spring most years is a healthy dose of pastel. I’ve picked my current four favourite pastel polishes for Spring inspired tips.

    [1] Essie Borrowed & Blue – a powdery blue without being that childish baby candy blue. Its soft and pretty and feminine and not in your face blue.

    [2] Formula X for Sephora Outrageous – a powdery lavender mid toned purple. This has enough punch to keep from looking lifeless while subdued enough not to clash with other colours you may be wearing. It’s a great neutral purple, if such a thing exists.

    [3] Essie Go Ginza – a gorgeous petal mauve lilac colour that really pops off of a bit of a tan. I love this shade so much that last spring it was the only colour I wore for a month straight. It works equally well on tips and toes.

    [4] Formula X for Sephora Thrilling – this one photographed more beige, but it is actually a cloud pink grey. In some lights it pulls a bit more pink, in other lights more grey, whilst still being a cream formula. It’s the sophisticated pastel choice.

    Are there any Spring trends you are loving this year already? Have you tried any of the shades I mentioned?


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