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  • LUCK OF THE IRISH | Wearable Greens for St. Patrick’s Day

    Minus the odd pint or ten of green beer over the years, wearing green on my eyes has easily been my most favourable way to celebrate the touch of Irish I have in my blood line on St. Patrick’s Day. In my younger years I’d go a little wilder with my shade choices, but these days I’m opting for more wearable green…

    MAC Greensmoke, Sumptuous Olive, Maybelline Mossy Green, Bobbi Brown Forrest Shimmer Ink, Essie Naughty Nautical
    [1] Essie Nail Polish in Naughty Nautical is my favourite green pick for nails. I raved about it in this post, but to summarize it’s pretty much opaque in one quick coat, has the most subtle shimmer that only really shows in sunlight and is a great sophisticated bright green. 
    [2] Maybelline Color Tattoo in Mossy Green is exactly as the name suggests, a mossy warm neutral green. It has a slight golden undertone to it that means it can be blended and paired with other greens, golds and browns easily.
    [3] Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Forrest Shimmer Ink is similar to the Color Tattoo, but slightly richer and more densely pigmented. It’s a dark olive golden shade that could pull more green with greener shadows, or just be worn on its own over a neutral shadow for a “don’t really know it’s green but it’s a little something different” look. 
    [4] MAC Eye Kohl in Lichen was the first green eye product I ever found myself wearing daily. I remember when this was released and promptly dubbing it “my new black alternative liner” Something about this shade brings out the green in my eyes, and believe it or not I love pairing it with soft pinks and purples. 
    [5] MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive is a golden olive shade this seems to look different on everyone. On me it pulls a warm khaki that seems to change depending on the angle of the light. 
    [6] MAC Velvet Moss Eyeshadow was unfortunately limited edition ages ago, but I had to include it because it is my all time favourite green. This one packs a punch, it’s super buttery and pigmented, but have no fear if you’re too timid to wear it as a shadow, I love this as a liner. In fact, that is why I bought it back in the day. 
    [7] MAC Greensmoke Eyeshadow is the one for those who want something that is sparkly, but doesn’t look like dated frosty green eyeshadow. Its a pewter based barely there green that isn’t super pigmented, but rather a shadow you would use to blend out others or pat on top of a base.  

    As you can see, none of these shades scream, “I’m wearing green makeup!”. I’d considered them all a bit more grown up, but that doesn’t say I don’t love a good bright green every once in a while. Hues like MAC Swimming, Juxt and Humid got plenty of play from me in my youth!

    What are your favourite ways to wear green? Will you be partaking in any St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year?


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