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  • BRUSH BREAKDOWN | Eye Essentials

    I can still remember the first makeup brush I ever got, that wasn’t one of those crummy scratchy blusher brushes that came in the compact. My grandmother took me to MAC ( I know right? Props to the grandmother for going big rather than going home) and besides letting me pick out two eyeshadows ( Scene, a blue tinged charcoal grey and Fade, a long time discontinued frosty pale blue – don’t judge me it was ’96) and a lipstick (Cherish if your wondering, and again it was ’96, concealer nude lips were the rage I tell you) she also bought me a #21 brush, which though long since discontinued I actually still have. 
    Since then, I’ve expanded my collection greatly, but there are a few I’ve gone back to and even repurchased over and over. Today’s blog post is going to breakdown the eye brushes I wouldn’t be without.

    The Blenders & Shaders:

    [1] MAC 239 Brush – not a day has gone by since I purchased this brush that I’ve regretted it. Its flat enough that it doesn’t kick up eyeshadow everywhere, and soft enough that it can be used to blend and pack on colour.

    [2] Artist Lost #6 Brush – this guy came from the art section of Micheals, and it is super soft and makes the perfect brush for darkening the outer “v” and concentrating colour in the crease. It’s not the first brush I’ve found that was meant for paint that was used for face, just remember to check how soft they are if using for the eye area.

    [3] MAC 217 Brush – I know, everyone and their dog owns one of these, but it’s for good reason. You can use it to sweep colour all over, apply colour to the crease, blend out the crease or just soften the look of too harsh a shadow application.

    The Precision Brushes:

    [1] Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer – the metal comb on this means it actually gets through and separates mascara’d lashes unlike those crappy plastic ones. The back side brushes brows into place and blends colour when you’ve gone a little brow heavy.

    [2] MAC 266 Brush – The much hyped angled brush. Is it better than other angled brushes out there? YES! I’ve gone through a few of these over the years (mainly due to accidentally breaking the handles) and I can honestly say they keep their shape the longest. I have one for brows solely, and one for eye shadow. I’ve tried the 263 version and it frayed losing it’s precision after a year or two.

    [3] Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush – this brush is super thin, not too soft and not too firm. It’s just right (see what I did there?). This makes winged liner a breeze, getting that really sharp flick, especially with more liquid liners. Others have frayed and splayed at the ends, but this one is synthetic which also makes it a dream to clean.

    [4] Essence Angled Brush – I know what you’re thinking; “Didn’t she just say no other angled brush is as good as MAC’s?” and for powder products, that’s true. But this little cheapy (hello $1.99 price tag!) it awesome for cream and gel liners. It’s thin and firm enough that it doesn’t drag or skip the product across your lids, and makes winged liner a snap. I prefer this with gel liner, and the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush with liquids and cake liners. It also works a treat at putting product in the tight line and waterline.

    [5] Real Techniques Accent Brush – the perfect brush to smudge liner, go under the lower lashes or inner corner highlight. I prefer this shape of brush over a pencil brush, as I can still get precision and soften with one brush.

    A handful of brushes that make heavy rotation in my day to day use. Which eye makeup brushes would you be lost without?


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