SOMETHING BLUE | Essie’s Borrowed & Blue

Essie Borrowed & Blue
I wasn’t looking for a blue polish when I stumbled across Essie’s Borrowed & Blue in the drugstore the other day. In fact, I picked it up, then put it back down, but once I’d rounded the store I was still thinking about it, which means an all clear to buy in my world. 

Boasting a pale powdery blue hue, this isn’t your typical baby blue from your teen years, but rather a feminine take on a shade which some can find a bit on the juvenile side. Dare I say it even makes my painfully short and stubby fingers look a little longer, leaner even? Probably a stretch but I’ll take what I can get. 
The best part of this polish was that it was fully opaque in two coats, a feat not often met by pale shades in Essie’s range. It went on smoothly with no streaks, something I often struggle with Essie polishes as well. I’m loving this shade for spring, Bride to be or not I think any skin tone could rock this true pale blue on tips or toes!
Have you tried any shades that your normally wouldn’t gravitate towards lately? 

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