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    NUDE NAILS | Formula X for Sephora Does it Again!

    Well, but now you know my love for the Formula X for Sephora polishes… I’ve collected quite a few in the short time since I discovered them. I’ve been loving the entire system, and have been impressed by the colour variety in the line, but I was needing something a little more naked. In the past I have found it really hard to find decent nude nail colour that goes on streak free, opaque in two coats and isn’t too brown, too pink, or too peach. Well folks, I think I just found it.

    After spending an embarrassingly long time swatching ever polish under the sun that Sephora carries the other day {and surely making myself look suspect wandering around with about 10 in my paws} I came across the Formula X for Sephora shade in Monumental. I had picked it up and put it back down a few times before swatching it on their provided testers; You see, in the bottle it looked more brown but on the nails it really is the perfect neutral creamy nude! It goes on fully opaque in two coats with no patchiness or streaks as well, which is so rare in a pale polish.
    Being a fan of the formula on these varnishes already, I swiftly snatched it up and proceeded to grab the brands offering of a Nail Strengthener as well. After years of hoping the OPI Nail Envy would do something other that just peel off my nails, I really wanted to try a new nail strengthening product. What sold me was the fact that it never claimed to be a base coat, it simply says to either on its own or UNDER your base coat. I’ve tried both ways and I can say on its own it really is quite glossy and lovely, and under the base coat it works a treat, not making my polish chip and peel like so many other strengtheners worn as a base coat would. Yet another hit from this range in my books!
    What is your favourite nude polish? Or your go to wear with everything shade? 


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