FAVOURITES | February 2014 Best Of

[1] YSL Glossy Stain in #27 “Peche Cerra-Cola” is a gorgeous peach with just enough pink in it to make it wearable on my lips and not turn that orange peach hue which just doesn’t jive with my skin tone. I’m a huge fan of these lip gloss/stain hybrids by YSL, and while there are some similar drugstore products on the market, these are 100% worth the money in my humble opinion.

[2] Illamasqua Blush in “Tremble” is so much more than the image shows. It’s a yellow based pink giving it the slightest coral touch and lasts on my cheeks all day. Ridiculously pigmented, just a tap and buff and you’re on your way.

[3] Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer wasn’t something I picked up because of the oil free claim, but rather because it boasts much more coverage than the original formula. My dry skin loves this, and since it is oil free it is friendly for all skin types. 

[4] MAC Pro Longwear Concealer works harder than any concealer I’ve used. It covers then stays put. All day. Need I say more?

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[5] Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil has become a staple in my routine since it’s first use. It smells like oranges – the real kind, and my skin has never looked so even and smooth when naked. Suitable for all skin types, this oil doesn’t feel oily on the skin, it sinks right in and gets to work.

[6] Laura Mercier Artist 2 Palette can no longer be purchased {sorry!} but keep your eyes peeled for when the brand inevitably announces another after this one sold out uber fast. Gorgeously pigmented and buttery soft shadows in different ranges of neutral. There is nothing boring about these nudes!

What are you loving for February?

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  • 🙂 i liked the ole henriksen oil last year for a while, then realized it wasn't sinking in really :/ In any event, i'm glad you like it!! i used to like the LM tinted moisturizers but found that Nars TM has way more coverage for me – have you tried it? And i love the LM palette too 🙂

    • The oil sinks in really well for me, but I have dry skin. Have you tried the NUDE one? It is lovely as well, but the smell of the Ole one really appeals to me and I find it a bit thinner to spread. As for the LM tinted moisturizer, the original doesn't have much coverage, but the oil free is practically a medium coverage foundation. I have tried the NARS but felt like it sat on top of my skin too much and didn't look natural.