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  • RESOLUTIONS | 2014 Beauty Edition

    I’m not normally one to make New Years Resolutions, mainly because I feel like it is setting yourself up for certain disaster. This year though I decided to write out a short few beauty related in my Wunderlist app as more of a, “gee, I’d like to accomplish this” in 2014 list. Time will just have to tell which ones get crossed off my list!

    {1} Grow out my hair. Yep I know, not a ton I can do in this department other than let it grow, but I’ll be doing what I can. In October I went in for a hair cut that was supposed to be about 6 inches cut, but instead left with 10 inches less. That is ALOT when you previously always had long hair. Add in a sudden hideous cowlick that appeared at the back of my head and I’ve been crying for my long locks ever since. I recently ordered some Biotin and MSM vitamin supplements which I’ve heard great things about for hair growth ( as well as nails!) I’ll report back with (any) findings. Cross your digits for me.
    {2} More Shut Eye. 2013 brought on a nasty dose of insomnia for me in the spring and summer, which resulted in much later bed times than I was used to, and subsequently my body just got used to being a night owl. These dark circles and bags under my eyes aren’t fooling anyone, this girl needs a better nights sleep!
    {3} The old purge. I try and do this now and then, but this year ( heck, hopefully this month!) I plan on revamping my entire makeup collection and binning anything that needs to go, and passing on anything my mom/girlfriends would like. Ruthless is my policy on this, we’ll see how I do!
    {4} Bare faced is something that was my norm up until a few years ago and I discovered my love for foundation. I dont reach for a good base because I feel I need it, but rather because I like putting it on, having said that it wont hurt anyone to go naked (faced!) every now and then and just rely on a little concealer.
    Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2014? Or just resolutions in general? 


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