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  • HAIR WOES | Growing It Out

    You may remember a post of mine several months ago titled “It Grows Back” where I chatted about how I hastily chopped off 10 inches of hair. I haven’t spoke about hair since, because quite frankly, it’s been a sore subject for me. While the actually hair cut I got was cute (no fault to my hair dresser on this one) the length was just not good for me. It made it incredibly hard for me to style, and made my super thin fine straight hair painfully obvious. I just isn’t working, and I wont lie, my confidence has taken a beating for it. I realize that sounds a bit vain, but I’m being super honest here folks. 
    So forward 3 plus months later and I ask myself, is there anything I can actually do about this??

    My first thought was “nothing will make your hair grow back any faster/fuller/thicker” and trust me, it left me really depressed {again no judgement on the vanity please, I honestly felt like I was missing part of myself} My second thought was that I could at least try some products to strengthen my hair, hopefully making it appear fuller and thicker. I immediately went to try Nioxin, which I had heard plenty of great things about. 
    After the first week of trying out the system, I noticed a difference all right, but not one I wanted. My hair felt dry and coarse and my poor scalp was a flaky dry mess. Cue Nizoral to come in and manage my scalp, which still hasn’t gone back to normal after using this system. Sigh
    Besides my usual gentle brushing with a Tangle Teezer, and conditioning with Moroccan Oil Light after after shampoo, mixed with not washing every day, I was getting super frustrated. My newly shorter hair made a nasty cowlick at the back of my part at my crown awaken, making it look like I have a bald spot at the back of my head. Lovely. I thought perhaps my diet might be coming in to play here ( I have lost 35lbs this last year, more on that another time if you wish to read about it) and so I looked into supplements that boasted decent levels of Biotin and MSM, both things that have been talked about when it comes to hair and nails. After a ton of research I ordered Maxi-Hair by Country Life, which seemed to have the most positive reviews and results. With 5000 mcg of Biotin as well as all the other daily vitamins I need (take a look at the back of the bottle in the picture above) I have high hopes. 
    Thus bringing me forward to the current day, which is about a week into my use. Obviously I haven’t seen results yet, but I wanted to blog about this so that you could watch this space and look forward to future posts on {hopeful} results. I am thinking about adding some fish oil supplements into my diet as well. As a past multi vitamin skeptic, this is a big deal for me – committing to taking something everyday. But at this point, I am open to advice and trying almost anything. I know the growing will take time, but if anyone out there has advice on dealing with a nasty crown cowlick, or flaky scalp, I’d gladly listen. 
    Have you ever tried a supplement for your hair? have you ever struggled with thinning hair or a cowlick? What about that pesky dry scalp that seems to come back to minute you go back to regular shampoo? I’m all ears folks. 


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