BANISHING BLACKHEADS | What Finally Worked for Me

clarins gentle exfoliator brightening toner
Let’s just start this post by saying, I never starting using this product to rid my face of blackheads, but rather to help smooth and resurface my skin after having a horrific allergic reaction back in June. Since then, it has almost completely rid my nose, sides of nose and chin of those pesky black spots, and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier! 

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner is meant for all skin types; I originally discovered it reading the almighty Caroline Hiron’s Blog Beauty Mouth. Being a teenager in the 90’s, I had previously associated toners with over tingly astringent pink and blue hued, dry your skin to crap products like Seabreeze. My dry skin felt taught and stingy just thinking about it. Alas, toners these days are very different, they are meant to treat your skin, balance it’s PH level and thus prep your skin for the rest of your skincare. Duh. 
Let’s move on to how this miracle liquid works – it contains glycolic, salicylic and tartaric acids in small amounts, therefor gently exfoliating the skin. The package mentions use of 1-2 times a week, but I promise you folks, this stuff is as it says – gentle. As Caroline mentions in her post, I use this daily ( just a night for me) and it has done wonders for my skin. It single handedly resurfaced my face back into the smooth skin it was before a nasty allergic reaction that left it all rough and sandy textured, in days. I kid you not. Since using it in the past six months I’ve hardly had a single dry patch on my face, something by this time in the year would normally be all too apparent on my dry dehydrated skin. 
But the one surprise benefit of using this product – no more blackheads! I used to have speckles of them across my nose, and mostly on the sides of my nose and nook under my lips on my chin – you know, the hard places to get at and remove them? Now mind you, they were massive black craters on my face, but they were there and they bugged me. Since using this products they are almost all but gone, and the spare few that are still around are light and barely visible! 

So there you have it – a swipe over my cleansed skin with this on a cotton pad before my serum and moisturizer at night and it has become one my quintessential must have skin care items. Forever on the repurchase list!

What are you must have skincare bits? Have you ever tried a product for one reason, and had it benefit you in other ways?


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