A few weeks ago I got my paws on this after going through a generous sample given to me from the lovely lady working at my local Illamasqua counter. I knew I was going to buy it after the first time I tried it – hows that for impressive? Even more proof of my love? I just took my bestie to buy it for herself, telling her she NEEDED it in her life. Yep, I don’t kid around when I love something.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil boasts it will “create a radiant finish with Hydra Veil’s instantly rehydrating gel formula” going on to also claim “It provides the optimal base for your makeup” 
The product itself is a clear jelly, and comes in a pot with a lid and a nice hygienic scooper (love that!) and you only need a pea sized amount, meaning you can expect your investment to last ages. 
So does it do what it claims? In a word: ABSOLUTELY.
Perhaps I should expand…
This product caught my eye a while back when I saw the Pixiwoo sisters using it. Knowing that they both have struggled with dry and dehydrated skin, my attention was certainly peaked. The idea of a gel almost goes against what I have always thought to reach for, which is predominantly richer creams and illuminating pearly based primers. However when I was offered up a sample to try when purchasing the highly talked about  Skin Base Foundation (more on this later!), I was eager to try it, and it was love at first use! I have never used any sort of primer/pre makeup base that makes my skin feel as good as this does. It far surpasses my previous offerings from Laura Mercier, Tarte, and Smashbox in terms of performance. 
Simply put, my makeup goes on like a dream over this. It lasts ALL DAY until I take it off, and I haven’t seen a pesky little dry flake or unevenness in skin since I started using it. 
How’s that for getting your money’s worth?

My skin feels quenched and balanced after applying this ( I just massage it in with fingers), not silicony or greasy like some priming type products. It’s built to be used with all skin types, balancing the skin to properly prep it for makeup. It’s even made me fall in love with foundations that I previously just didn’t seem to get the hype over, and example being the much raved about Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, which never seemed to give me the coverage I wanted and previously looked dull on my skin. Now it looks the way I always expected it look given the amount of praise it gets.
Go try it then tell your friends, it’s that good!

Have you added a revolutionary product to your daily routine lately? Have you tried Hydra Veil?


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