IT GROWS BACK | Long Hair Chronicles

I’ve had long hair as long as I can remember. Call it a security blanket, call it safe. It was both those things. As I’ve gotten older (eww) I’ve noticed it just doesn’t look as full and lively as it once did, and it’s really started to both me. The ends were looking stringy and ratty and it was heavy. Forget styling it too, my long super straight mop was just there. So I did something about it.

Yup, I went for the big chop. Over 10 inches (!!!) of hair later and this is what we have – a sleek long bob that I feel I may just be able to do something with. I can barely believe it. When I went in for my cut I knew I wanted to lose a great deal, but this is shorter than I had expected. Having said that, I really feel fresh and dare I say it…. slightly hip… ok maybe that is a stretch…. with my new cut! It’s going to take some getting used to, no doubt, but I am excited to actually style my hair, you know instead of the ole flip er over blow dry and call it a day like I’ve been doing all my life. 
And besides, it will grow back, right?
Have you ever gone for a big chop? Or spontaneously cut your hair? Did it make the cut? (ha I had to throw a pun in there, sorrynotsorry)


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