CLASSIC RED | The Matte Twist

I’ve never been the girl who feels confident in red. Everyone has always told me “oh with your fair skin and dark hair red would be so pretty” but I’m telling ya, it just doesn’t work. Which leads me to my next point which is, when Autumn rolls around and reds start popping up in all the Fall and Winter cosmetic lines, I feel a tad left out. Until I stumbled across this little twist that has made me look at red in a whole new light…

Back in the summer I picked up Essie’s Watermelon nail polish, which I blogged about here. If you read that post you might remember that it really wasn’t love at first swipe for me. It just didn’t look right with my skin tone. Then earlier this week I pulled it out of my stash again thinking it might work a bit better now that I was pulling out more of my jewel toned fall clothes. 
Verdict? Nope, still didn’t dig it.
Until I popped on my L’Oreal The Matte Velvet Top Coat as a last resort, and what do you know? I friggen LOVE it with a matte finish. Who knew?
Something about the glossiness of the colour seemed outdated on my hands, yet once it was a matte finish, seemed terribly chic and understated in a “I’m wearing red effortlessly” kind of way.
A happy accident that finally made wearing red not so daunting and high maintenance!
Is there a colour that everyone else seems to get on with besides you (makeup or nails?) Have you ever tried a product in a more unconventional way only to have it work better for you? Let me know! 

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