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  • LATE TO THE PARTY | Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on the Beach

    Every once in a while I catch myself a little late to the show, so to speak on new products and releases, only to kick myself a bit for not giving in sooner. Bourjois Color Boost definitely fits that bill. 

    By the time these were released in Canada, all my favourite UK bloggers had harped on about them. A glossy balm lipstick hybrid in chubby crayon form that doesn’t need sharpening? What’s not to love?
    Well, possibly the price tag – a hefty $18 CND (yup, I can hear all my fave ladies across the pond gasping; Bourjois being much more wallet friendly in the UK) 
    This might possibly been the key reason for me not picking this up earlier this summer. I’d swatched it in store a handful of times, thoroughly impressed with the pigment and creamy moisturizing finish, but just couldn’t convince myself it would be different enough to warrant the price. 
    That is, until I collected enough points at my local Shoppers Drug Mart to get it for free, and let me tell you now that I have worn this over and over, I’d tear the sofa apart for change to pay for another if I lost mine.
    Yup, they are that good. 
    Only coming in 3 shades here in Canada, Peach on the Beach was really the only shade that captivated me. I am hoping Bourjois expands this line in the future, because the formula truly is lovely. Being a dry lipped lady like myself, I really appreciate the balm like feel in addition to the pigment quality. So often you get one of the other in this type of jumbo lip pencil product. Though the package boasts 10 hour wear, it really doesn’t live up to that, but it does stay glossy and hydrating as it wears away. Heck, that’s good enough for me!
    A gorgeous and lush peach with hint of pink, it’s been garnering compliments from strangers even though the weather has turned sour and fall colours have made their way to the cosmetic counters. I can’t see myself retiring this shade for a good while yet. I even dapped a bit on my cheeks the other day when I was looking a little worse for wear, and you know what? It worked better than some cream blushers I’ve tried! Who doesn’t love a good multitasker? 
    Have you tried these? What shade is your favourite? 


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