THE UNDERDOG | Makeup Forever Face & Body Foundation

Quite often when it comes to foundations I take my recommendations from my favourite bloggers, youtubers and friends. I review and search swatches tirelessly before even hitting the counters. What can I say, I like to shop prepared so I don’t get (too) sidetracked when I do head out. 
With the Makeup Forever Face & Body, I didn’t even know I needed until I stumbled across it in my local Sephora. It was love at first swatch.

At first feel the consistency of this foundation might really throw you off. Think liquidy and jelly like. Give it a chance though and blend it in a bit, the texture turns almost water like, and feels about as light. The best bit? I’ve never seen a foundation that has the layer capability that this does (Mac Face & Body sorry, ya just don’t make the grade for me!) It never gets cakey, it just sinks in making this foundation coverage range from sheer right up to full. Utterly beautiful.

Unlike the aforementioned Mac offering in a face and body foundation, Makeup Forever Face and Body actually sets itself, yet still leaves a slight glow on the skin. Not a slimy sticky mess ( sorry Mac) and not disco ball shiny, just a sheen. My dry skin adores it, but oily skinned gals can wear this with a light dusting of powder in the T zone and still get the same gorgeous finish. Regardless of the season, this foundation seems to adapt to my skin almost, never leaving it dry in the winter or overly shiny in the summer. Not sure how it manages that magic, but it does!

Now I will mention for my scent sensitive friends that this does have a scent, I find it fresh and clean, and it doesn’t bother my super sensitive migraine prone sinuses, but you might want to try it out in the store a bit before committing.

What foundation are you loving right now? Which one do you always find yourself going back to?


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