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  • THE RETURN | Wherein I explain where I’ve been

    You may have ( or more likely may not have) noticed I have been on a little hiatus from Girl Loves Gloss for the last few weeks. Not for lack of makeup love (gasp!) or post ideas, but rather because all my energy has been focused on a pretty big project I’ve taken on.

    If you have been reading long the way with me, then you might know that in my day to day life I am a jewellery metalsmith. Yep, that means I play with hammers and torches and silver and gems all day. I sell my jewellery worldwide online, and after several months of planning and designing, then re-planning and re-designing I’ve finally jumped into the deep end of rebuilding a new website.

    In the last few weeks I’ve worked tirelessly on it, designing and coding it all myself (pats self on shoulder for a job well done) and it has had me up most nights until the wee hours of the morning.
    I am happy to say though that it is almost ready – only a few more days, and I thought I’d share a cheeky preview with you lovelies!

    Amongst other cool features, I will be able to offer gift certificates, the option of creating a wishlist and it will be fully mobile ready. Plus there will be a lot of great info on there about my eco friendly practices and bits and bobs about me. Cool yeah?
    Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on this space soon, since I will be planning something special for the big grand opening!

    I can’t wait for all my hard work to come to fruition – I love knowing that folks in all corners of the world could possibly be wearing something I’ve made!

    For now though, you can expect to see this blog back to a regular schedule for all things makeup, skincare and beauty related. If you’ve stuck with me, many many thanks!
    xo Jaime


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