MANI MONDAY | Essie Beyond Cosy

I’m not normally one for glittery nails in the summer time – I usually tuck these types of polishes away for the winter when they just seem to glam up the dreary weather and pale skin. The other day though, I was in the need for a little perk up, so naturally I turned to my polish bin and picked out something with a little bit more oomph!

Essie Beyond Cosy is a gorgeous densely glitter packed platinum hued polish that can glam up your digits in just one coat. Yep that picture above is one coat, a rarity in the polish world especially with glitter polish would can be deceiving in the bottle. I will say that while the impact with this polish is big, I find the finish grainy, and usually put two coats of Seche Vite top coat to counter act the sandy texture. I also don’t find this polish overly long lasting on its own (which is fine, since I generally don’t want glittery nails more than a couple days at a time) but I am trying out a new base coat ( Essie Grow Stronger) and so far it has lasted longer than with any other base/top coat combo! 
What’s on your nails right now? Do you save certain polish colours or finishes for specific seasons?

Charlotte Tilbury CA


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