HEALTHY GLOW | Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector

That oh so coveted healthy glow. As a dry skinned girl I’ve dreamed of that skin that just radiates as if it was lit from within. Let’s face it, while I don’t have to worry about blotting my skin every hour having dull lack luster skin isn’t exactly youthful. And while highlighting products can give that gleam, sometimes I just want something that can give my entire face that glow – not shimmer or shine, just glow.

Enter into the mix Clarins Instant Light Complextion Perfector. Sound familiar? Maybe because you have heard me rave about their lip balm/gloss hybrids the Instant Lip Perfectors, which are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

I grabbed the shade Rose Shimmer in this after hearing the lovely Lily Pebbles of What I Heart Today mention it a few months back. You can use this in a few ways : under your makeup, mixed with your base, or all on its own for those who don’t like foundation, to name a few. I prefer the middle option of mixing it with my base of choice, which recently has been the Diorskin Nude BB cream, which gives my skin a bit more of a satin finish than I prefer. I just mix up a dollop of both on the back of my hand and then apply to the face, and I’m ready to go!

Now, this isn’t for those who want a dramatic shine on their skin. This is that “she just looks so radiant but I am not sure why” type glow people. It’s subtle, but takes my skin up a notch helping me look more awake, youthful (I’d like to think) and just helps the light catch the tops of my cheekbones in a way that makes me look like I actually have cheekbones.

It’s a dry, dehydrated, dull skinned girls best friend. Bravo Clarins!

Do you suffer from dullskinitus? What are your go to highlighting products?

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