Something that has come up many times over the years when I wax on about my love of makeup and more recently skin care is the question, “why do you think you need all that?” and in simple form the answer is always, “I don’t need it”

To expand upon that super basic answer – I don’t feel like I need makeup in my life, I love that I have the option of it. I love that as a woman (and heck even some men now, hello guyliner!) I can completely change my look or mood with a swipe of my favourite lipstick. Or feel a little prettier with an extra coat of mascara. I don’t feel that any woman should feel superior to her sister counterpart because she “doesn’t cake on the makeup” – so what if your friend/sister/mother/stranger do? What’s it to you? That is the beauty of makeup, it is completely up to the individual wearing it. 

I love the chameleon ability it gives me in my life; Every day I can put my best face forward, regardless of how much or how little is on that face and that choice is entirely up to me. 

If putting on makeup gives you the confidence you might not have had before, more power to you sista! Jut remember, it doesn’t matter how much goes on the outside as long as the inside is as beautiful as it can be. Recently I stumbled across this video clip of Dustin Hoffman talking about deciding to play one of his most iconic roles, Tootsie. He gets a little misty eyed thinking about how many women go unnoticed for how amazing they are as a person, because they weren’t the most beautiful in the room. So remember this, wear your confidence on your outside and your inside. Everyday you take that 10, 15 (ahem, an hour) minutes to put your makeup on, reflect while you are doing so. Take that time and treat it like you are beautifying your whole being. 

Remember there are a lot of beautiful, yet not so lovely people in this world. The face may be what gets you your attention, but make your personality what makes you truly beautiful!



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