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I’m kickstarting a new serious here on Girl Loves Gloss – my most reached for products. I imagine myself updating this series on occasion when my preferences change, but I thought I’d start off with something I truly love, Jewellery. 
You may or may not have picked up on the fact that in my day to day life I am a jewellery designer and metalsmith. Which basically means I play with hammers and fire all day, which seems like quite the jump from a girly girl who loves makeup, don’t it?
What it does mean is that I am a bit… err, picky about my jewels and baubles. It needs to sit just right, feel comfortable and be non intrusive in my daily life (hey, I play with power tools after all!) 
Let’s take a look at my current favourite list of jewellery, shall we? favourite jewellery

I’ve been quite into geometric this last year, and have noticed the trend greatly in my own line’s sales over on my website (shameless plug alert!)  I found the giant triangle necklace in the forefront of the first picture from TopShop. While I am not normally base metal (metal other than Sterling, Gold) kind of girl, I LOVED the design of this and just had to have it for adding a bit of fun to plain t shirts, my summer staple. 
I’ll usually pair that with other jewellery in the same metal colour, so I will pop on my gold tone Stud Cuff, another bargain piece from Smart Set, and my 14k Gold and Pearl ring, which my grandmother passed down to me ( um, how great is her taste!?)
I love rings, and usually wear a chunky silver hammered ring on my right hand ring finger, and the tiny pebble like sterling ring on my left pinkie, but occasionally I will add a bit of fun with my rectangle aquamarine ring, or big chunky blue amazonite ring. All pieces I made myself!
My earrings have been my Daisy Stud Earrings, and I swear I’ve worn them everyday for two months, I am just loving how fresh and fun they are. Subtle with the hair down, a little dressy looking when the hair is pulled back. Classic pieces like this are my favourites, and one of my all time favourite is a chunky silver latch bangle my friend Cliff made me. He makes the most amazing Sterling bracelets, and I feel like they are an utter steal for the quality. Check him out in his Etsy Shop.
And finally, the piece I wear every single day without fail, the DKNY watch my boy bought me about a million years ago for a birthday. Its sleek and simple and goes with everything. I feel a bit naked when I forget to put it on ( do you ever feel like that?)
What are your favourite pieces of jewellery? Do you have something you wear everyday without fail? Do you have a piece of jewellery that was handed down to you that you adore?
xo Jaime 

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